Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

For Craig Eckstrom and those who are employed under him, nothing less than their personal best will suffice. Craig Eckstrom holds himself to an extremely high personal standard of quality in his work. Because of this high standard, Craig Eckstrom often has to work harder than other individuals to reach the same progress level in his work. However, Craig Eckstrom’s expectation of excellence allows those reviewing his work to know that they will rarely find mistakes, as Craig Eckstrom does not allow himself to submit flawed work.

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom’s high expectations have paid off in multiple business opportunities, including his involvement in helping start Bill Me Later, Inc. As a member of Bill Me Later, Inc.’s executive team, Craig Eckstrom had the opportunity to lead by example, helping other employees of the fledging billing and credit company to reach their full potential and hold themselves to the same high standard. As the company began to grow, more and more employees joined Craig Eckstrom in his pursuit of excellence in his work. Because of this corporate adoption of Craig Eckstrom’s high expectations, the Bill Me Later staff was able to produce astonishing results in their first five years. Craig Eckstrom led the effort to build a network of more than 1,000 retailers who joined on with the Bill Me Later concept, and Craig Eckstrom’s expectation of success continued to benefit the company.

After five years with the company, Craig Eckstrom’s expectation of the best from himself began to be noticed by the firm who was purchasing Bill Me Later. eBay, and its subsidiary PayPal, were interested in bringing Craig Eckstrom on board as a Vice President. Craig Eckstrom’s work ethic and high personal standards allowed him to become an invaluable member of the PayPal team.

As Craig Eckstrom’s career continues, employers can trust that Craig Eckstrom will work under the same high personal expectations.


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