Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

Over the course of the past two decades, the national economy has risen and fallen sharply. In conjunction with this rise and fall have been the fortunes of many powerhouse firms in the sales industry.  The demands placed on businesses by the market can vary from year to year, week to week, and even day to day. In order to counteract these changing demands, corporations must seek out wise sales professionals who know how to work around the whims of a fluctuating economy.

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom is the type of person that these businesses want to seek out. With over 20 years of experience in the sales arena, Craig Eckstrom has seen all sorts of economic shifts and changes. Craig Eckstrom prides himself on quick thinking and problem solving, which serve him well when faced with sudden challenges and new demands from the marketplace. Craig Eckstrom is also well acquainted with managing large teams of individuals and having to direct and redirect the teams based on the daily variations in the market. Craig Eckstrom‘s talent for training individual members of his team has paid off for many of the corporations that Craig Eckstrom has worked for, as his training consistently produces high quality, adaptable sales team members who are able to roll with the changing demands of the marketplace.


Craig Eckstrom specializes in creating profit strategies for companies and new products. When Craig Eckstrom steps in to create a new market strategy, he does not allow himself to only plan for the best case scenario. The best profit strategies, and the type that Craig Eckstrom produces, have subsets that correspond to different potential changes in the marketplace. Craig Eckstrom’s talent for reading market trends serves him well in this arena, and frequently saves the company from many headaches and failed products.


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