Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

For some business leaders, it is enough to know that you are a great role model within the business community. Others, however, are not satisfied with being a leader within the business world and aspire to be a leader within their social community as well. Craig Eckstrom is this type of person.

For Craig Eckstrom, the problems that plague the world today spring from a common root: people’s lack of investment in the community around them. To combat this, Craig Eckstrom has constantly searched for ways to invest himself in the community in which he lives. Craig Eckstrom’s community involvement has taken various forms over the years, and his most recent is his involvement with the international nonprofit buildOn. Craig Eckstrom has recently taken on a position as a member of the executive board for buildOn, and is looking forward to expanding his influence within the community through this opportunity.

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

buildOn’s main mission is one that is shared by Craig Eckstrom. The mission is to foster greater community involvement in at risk areas of the United States through service projects and other community-centered after school programs. Craig Eckstrom believes that this sort of community involvement is just what young folks need to get them thinking more about the needs of their community and less about their own wants. Through buildOn, Craig Eckstrom hopes to help young people become more educated about the responsibilities of living in a community and thus, build up the quality of life in many impoverished communities.

Craig Eckstrom believes very strongly in the value of taking responsibility for your actions and for those of your community. In his personal life, Craig Eckstrom holds himself to a high standard of honesty and integrity. In Craig Eckstrom’s eyes, if more people can be taught to take responsibility for their actions, the world will swiftly become a better place.


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