Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

Some people are placed in the world simply to be problem solvers. These types of individuals, while rare, are invaluable to the corporations who snatch them up. Craig Eckstrom is one of these types of people. By nature, Craig Eckstrom is the type of person who looks at a difficult problem and immediately begins thinking of possible solutions instead of commiserating about the difficulty of the problem or looking for someone else to fix it. This self-starting attitude has helped set Craig Eckstrom apart in the world of sales and management, and Craig Eckstrom’s problem solving nature has helped advance him in his career.

As an executive with the nonprofit buildOn, Craig Eckstrom has had the opportunity to be a problem solver in a different sense. For Craig Eckstrom, there is no reason that his problem solving acumen should be limited to sales plans and business strategies. Instead, Craig Eckstrom has turned his problem solving mind to the issue of education and community involvement in underprivileged youth. As a member of the executive board of buildOn, Craig Eckstrom has been instrumental in developing strategies to bring more young people into contact with community service. Craig Eckstrom hopes that this will begin to help young people take greater pride in their community and push them to take ownership of the issues facing their city and country.

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

Within the business community, Craig Eckstrom’s problem solving has been equally effective. As a Vice President of Sales for American Express, Craig Eckstrom was able to troubleshoot many of the problems facing American Express’ fledging corporate purchasing card, which was a new product aimed at businesses with recurring expenses. Craig Eckstrom’s troubleshooting abilities helped the corporate purchasing card get off the ground, and the sales campaign that he helped design became one of the best revenue sources for American Express.

As Craig Eckstrom’s career progresses, it is widely expected that Craig Eckstrom will continue to put his problem solving abilities to good use for his employer. Craig Eckstrom will continue devising and executing creative and efficient solutions to problems and sparing the company much inconvenience in the process.


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