Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

Client retention is one of the most important parts of the sales process to Craig Eckstrom. As a sales executive and sales manager for multiple companies during his career, Craig Eckstrom has seen that the difference between a successful sales campaign and one that is barely adequate is the number of customers who return to buy again. For Craig Eckstrom, the reason for this is simple. When clients return to make a second purchase, they know that the product is high quality and frequently purchase a larger amount than their initial test purchase contained. In Craig Eckstrom’s eyes, this is especially true in business to business sales, where clients frequently purchase on a weekly or monthly basis.


Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom has worked to increase client retention in a number of corporations over the past two decades, including his work as a Vice President of Sales for eBay and PayPal. During his tenure at eBay, Craig Eckstrom was responsible for the entirety of the sales in the North American market. Such a large amount of sales required Craig Eckstrom to create systems that would operate and manage reporting processes and other data gathering systems. Craig Eckstrom used these data sets that were gathered by the automated systems to analyze what percentage of customers were returning customers. During his time at eBay, Craig Eckstrom made every effort to increase the percentage of customers that bought more than once, or who paid more than once via PayPal.


Craig Eckstrom instituted multiple programs during his time at eBay that were directly aimed at increasing client retention rates. Among those were programs that upgraded the entire client facing organization, as well as restructuring the marketing department. Both of these efforts allowed eBay and PayPal to increase their marketability to everyday consumers, which in turn increased the amount of transactions and return customers each service had. Craig Eckstrom’s efforts successfully increased return client rates.


Craig Eckstrom has another reason for emphasizing creating return clients: clients who return are happy clients. For Craig Eckstrom, it is important that clients be truly satisfied with their buying experience, as it may lead them to tell others about their experience working with the company.


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