Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

The only way for a business to truly succeed is for it to begin with a strong and steady business plan. Craig Eckstrom knows this better than most corporate employees, as he has seen the effects that a strong business plan can have on the early years of a corporation. In Craig Eckstrom’s eyes, when a corporation starts out with a strong business plan, they have a road map that will lead them to success. This road map is essential, as it provides step by step instructions to the business that can help them avoid major pitfalls and challenges that face those businesses that try to move forward without preparation. However, business plans can only prepare corporations so much. For Craig Eckstrom, it is also important that businesses develop general strategies that might be employed in the event of sudden challenges or crises.

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

As Craig Eckstrom has made his way through the ranks of various sales organizations, one thing has stood out to him: business strategies are not just rolled off of an assembly line. To Craig Eckstrom, it is obvious that successful business strategies are customized and developed to suit the individual needs of the corporation and the product. Frequently, Craig Eckstrom has developed plans for products that are drastically different than the previous product the same company had put out.

At American Express, Craig Eckstrom was instrumental in the development and launch of American Express’ Corporate Purchasing Card. The business plan that Craig Eckstrom helped put together for this card focused on its utility to small and large businesses alike, and the sales techniques used to push the new product were vastly different than those used to support previous offerings from American Express.

Craig Eckstrom has helped build and develop business to business sales strategies for multiple corporations during his long career as a sales executive. Businesses that have employed Craig Eckstrom have benefitted greatly from his insight and expertise.

Craig Eckstrom’s current employer can rest easy, reassured that Craig Eckstrom will put together phenomenal sales plans and business strategies for each product for which he is responsible.


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