Business Leader Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom specializes in marketing plans and business development strategies. As the founder and President of SalesDiagnostics, Craig Eckstrom built a career out of telling other businesses how to best structure their business to maximize profits. Craig Eckstrom’s talent for reading data and analyzing trends in business proved to be invaluable as he worked with clients to help streamline business to business sales.

Because of this aptitude for shaping businesses, Craig Eckstrom is a vital resource for individuals trying to start their own businesses or branch out into new areas of an existing business. Craig Eckstrom has experienced successful business plans and has helped troubleshoot ones that are truly horrible. Throughout his years of building business plans, Craig Eckstrom has seen it all and knows how to work with any type of business plan to improve it as much as possible.

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom

Craig Eckstrom understands the psychology of sales, and because of this, Craig Eckstrom is able to tell who will function well in high pressure sales roles, and which employees may be better suited to supporting roles. Craig Eckstrom’s talent for analyzing and assessing employees allows him to place individuals in positions where they will quickly reach optimum efficiency. As employees work for Craig Eckstrom, they are constantly being evaluated to see where they should fit within the company. This allows corporations to shape their business strategies around their people, rather than trying to force individual employees into predetermined roles.

Craig Eckstrom can help tell potential vendors whether their new production line will be successful when it goes to market through his reading of data analytics and the interpretation of marketplace trends. Because of this, Craig Eckstrom has valuable insight and advice for start up companies.

Craig Eckstrom is an experienced entrepreneur himself, and is prepared to share much of his wisdom with clients who are seeking to build their own businesses. Craig Eckstrom’s background in sales and business planning gives clients who work with Craig Eckstrom an excellent leg up on the competition. Craig Eckstrom can help new business owners avoid major pitfalls on the road to becoming self-sufficient business owners.


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